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The Terrace

Facing south, the large terrace is drenched in light, sun and protective shade.

Much more than a terrace, it is anauditorium for birds,embracing the forest, against a background of absolute silence.
There is no auditory or visual pollution– arare privilege these days.

However often you visit the terrace, the show will never be the same.

And perhaps you might even see the great white heron which has its haunts near the terrace.

Watch him closely (he might very well return the compliment) and he will surprise you with his elegance and the amusing arrogance of one who is in his own backyard.


  • sip tea or whiskey of an evening with a warm plaid over your knees
  • listen to the morning birdsong, an exceptional moment
  • watch for the arrival of the great white heron – if he is in the right mood
  • soak in the sun until you are saturated and then move into cool, leafy shadow

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