The K

The K

The K

The K

The Boudoir

The quiet reading area where phones remain silent

You are going to love the peace and quiet– the prime luxury of the K.

Fine books to hand–including the latest cookbook signed by our master Chef, Jean-Georges Klein.

You can also browse through cookbooks by fellow chefs, cult works which inspired the K’s decor or books about this region with its wealth of heritage and culture, an invitation to discovery.

An ideal spot to enjoy a hot chocolate when you come in from a stroll.

Boudoir secrets

Tucked away in a corner is a secret space : the K boutique..
Open the door into a cornucopia of treasures to possess and bring the K spirit into your home.
Ask for the key in the welcome area and open the door to the treasure vaults!

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5 lieu-dit Untermuhlthal
57230 Baerenthal


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