The K

The K

The K

The K

The K

A marriage of wood and glass, architecture in the heart of nature

A subtle mix of wood and glass looking out on the extraordinary Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park, the K Hotel is literally subsumed into its surroundings.Its architecture expresses great fluidity of space and its exteriorincludes a familiar finish in the region: a striking incorporation of dark wood inspired by the tobacco drying barns ofneighbouring Alsace.

Nearby standsthe changelessold barn, a witness to history and tradition. The K has opted for green energy; a network of geothermal probes dug to a depth of 100m harvest natural heat from the ground at 13 to 14°.

In essence, a guesthouse

We have neither reception desk nor counter.When you come here, you are guests in our house.
Created by interior designer Bernard Wilhelm, the decoration of the Hotel K is a sublimation ofthe style desired by Nicole Klein. Because you are indeed in her home, you feel right at home. The contemporary furniture is warmed by wood, in harmony with the forest. From the solid oak floor rise large Po de Cappellini lamps anda red Aspen Cassina sofa strikes a colourful note; in counterpoint stands a great Chinese warrior or a fantastic Tibetan table. You are immediately enveloped by the decorative talent of the lady of the house.

Further in, the multi-directional fireplace gives lifeto the space.

To go to your lodge, take a tree: the elevator is entirely panelled in old wood –there is a strange thrill, as if you are entering the heart of an ancient oak.


The year of the challenge.
A formidable challenge was taken up and a luxury hotel was built in the middle of the forest. Thus the “K”, an extraordinary hotel,came into being.

215 m
abovesea level.
Permanent green tide on alarge, quiet beach.

20 seconds away from the biches, the does
20 km away from the town of Bitche
(30 minutes from Haguenau, 60 minutes from Strasbourg).

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5 lieu-dit Untermuhlthal
57230 Baerenthal


Tel: +33 (0)3 87 27 05 60
Fax : +33 (0)3 87 06 88 65