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Thebog path of Hanau pond

The Bitche area has a dozen or so bog ponds, most of which are protected because of the exceptional flora they harbour.

The “Bog” of Hanau pond is located in a basin that collects run-off water from rain and streams. The sandstone subsoil makes for very poor, sandy soil. The climate is continental: cold in winter and dry in summer. These special conditions enabled the formation of the bog, which plays host to rare plant and animal species.

A one-kilometre long path lined with information boards was laid out in the heart of the bog to help people understand the slow evolution of peat lands and their multiple attractions. The trail wends through the forest and walkers will come to know the main local trees.

More infos : www.moselle-tourisme.com/bouger/balades-et-activites-de-nature/a-pied


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