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Château de Ramstein

Its name probably comes from ram (crow) and stein (stone) and means “rock of the crow”.

Located at a height of 292m and overlooking the village, Ramstein Castle was built in the thirteenth century.

It was short-lived. Having become looting knights, the Lords of Ramstein were summoned to appear before the Lord of Lichtenberg to answer for their misdeeds. Being well aware of the swiftness of feudal justice, they did not appear and their castle was destroyed by the troops of the Bishop of Strasbourg in a punitive expedition in 1335. It was never rebuilt.

Today, all that remainsisa stretch of keep wall and rooms carved into the rock. The ruins are accessible again after safety work carried out in 2009 and 2010.

(c) Yannick Baumann – http://www.wanderparadies-wasgau.de/ramstein.php

More infos : www.baerenthal.eu/histoire/les-chateaux-forts

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